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First year, 2011, only VSTP 1st phase year 1 was implemented in 209 communes in 7 target provinces. It started in April and ended in November 2011. The program achieved 100% (41,947 trainees, 24,851 females) against the initial target (41,800 trainees).

Second year, 2012, two groups or phases of VSTP were implemented in 401 communes in 14 target provinces, (i) VSTP 1st phase, year 2, and (ii) VSTP 2nd phase, year 1. In total, 74,449 trainees (44,979 females) graduated from the program which was 93 % against initial target ( 8,0200 trainees).

During 2013, the program covers 321 communes in 16 provinces of Rural VSTP, and Phnom Penh city of Urban VSTP, ME-VSTP and U-VSTP. By the end of 4th quarter 2013, the program has achieved 96% against the annual target. The total number of trainees was 62,040 trainees (36,758 females, 59.2%) who have completed the program against the annual target of 64,600 trainees. In terms of target areas, all 16 target provinces are covered by Rural VSTP. Five out of 7 target provinces, Kampong Cham, Koh Kong, Kratie, Pursat and Sihanuk Ville, of 2nd Phase Year 2, and 4 out of 9 target provinces, Kampong Speu, Kampong Thom, Kep and Preah Vihear of 3rd Phase Year 1 have completed the training. Furthermore, the 1st year of the piloting of Micro-enterprise and Urban VSTP in Phnom Penh has been completed. The training programs still remaining are to be implemented and completed by early next year.

The progress by the 1st quarter 2014, the 2nd Phase Year 2 and 3rd Phase Year 1 has achieved 105.5% against the target. The total number of trainees was 68,163 (39,885 females, 58.5%) who have completed the program against the target of 64,600 trainees. The number of trainees by the different training modalities were 63,567 (37,437 females) under CBT, 2,445 (1,229 females) under EBT, and 2,151 (1,219 females) under CeBT. In terms of target areas, all 16 target provinces are covered by Rural VSTP. Only one target province, Modulkiri, of VSTP 3rd Phase Year 1 is to completing the training program by the next quarter. One of nine target provinces of 3rd Phase Year 2 is implementing training program in their respective areas. The remaining is to do in the next quarter.

Cumulative up-to-date, 186,327 trainees (111,008 females or 59.6%) have completed the training from 2011 to 1st quarter 2014, which constitutes 87.6% against performance indicator in Project Administration Manual (210,000 trainees).

VSTP Progress Achievement Against Target (2011-1st Quarter 2014)

Photo of Voucher Skills Training Program

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