Implementation Plan បោះពុម្ព
និពន្ធ​ដោយ Administrator   
ថ្ងៃសុក្រ ទី18 តុលា ឆ្នាំ2013 ម៉ោង08:30

The implementing program has involved National Training Board (NTB), DGTVET, Project Coordination Unit (PCU), Provincial Training Board (PTB)/Training Board (TB), target TVET institutions under MLVT, Commune Councils of selected areas, and Training Providers.

Under STVET project, the program is extended to nationwide of Cambodia to provide training to 210,000 trainees by 2015. There are two types of VSTP program, (i) Rural VSTP and (ii) Urban VSTP. Rural VSTP is targeting 530 communes in 23 provinces. All target provinces were divided into three groups to be implemented in three phase subsequencely ( two years for each phase) for four years of five years of STVET project period (2010-2015).

The newly Urban VSTP is comprised of two models: (i) Micro-enterprise Pilot VSTP (ME-VSTP) and (ii) Urban Pilot VSTP (U-VSTP) to piloting in Phnom Penh city.

Vocher Skills Training Program Implementation Time Frame

VSTP Target Provinces Map of Cambodia

Photo of Voucher Skills Training Program

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