Policy & Strategy
Labor Laws
Labor Market Information
Writing a CV
Writing a Cover Letter
Preparing for a
Job Interview
Employment - Policy & Strategy  



Download (Khmer Language) Filesize
A . General Situation 32 kb
B . Vision, Mission and Strategies 27 kb
C . The First Strategy: Employment Creation 69 kb
D . The Second Strategy: Ensuring the Good Working Conditions 79 kb
E . The Third Strategy: Promoting the enforcement of the law on social security 36 kb
F . The Fourth Strategy: Capacity Building Development on Technical and Vocational Skills for the People 32 kb
F1 . Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET)
in Linkage with Local and Overseas Needs
122 kb
F2 . Development of National Qualification Frame-work,
National Competency Standards and accreditation of
TVET courses, Programs and Institutions
75 kb
F3 . Expanding the provision of TVET 65 kb
F4 . Development of Labor Market Information System 56 kb

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