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Resolvo is an Asia-focused, niche technology services company, providing clients with latest technology insights to prepare their organizations for the future.

The 4 core business segments of Resolvo include Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Identity Management, Open Source Solutions & Web 2.0 Applications.

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The Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia (DBFC) is a Non Profit Organization and a national and international NGO with headquarters in Phnom Penh, Cambodia for education and support to children and youth from poor backgrounds or at risk.

DBFC was founded on May 24, 1991 in Phnom Penh by invitation of the Ministry of Education of Cambodia.

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The association "Pour un Sourire d'Enfant" is a Non-Government Organization (NGO) mental founded in 1993 by Christian and Marie-France des Pallières. It aims to help disadvantaged children and school leavers, and particularly since 1996, children rubbish to the municipal dump in Phnom Penh. The goal is to remove all children from poverty.

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Connected Schools is a Not-For-Profit organisation based in France whose mission is to facilitate professional training of disadvantaged children in emerging countries. In particular, Connected Schools intends to assess if distant learning in its various forms can help children education and professional insertion.

  • To manage the overall GOAL project with all partners key contacts and report progress quarterly to the ADB Grant PCU/MoLVT
  • To prepare an annual cost work plan and an annual report on achievements
  • To hire and manage computer maintenance technicians to support the Regional Training Centers
  • To train RTC teachers on training content usage and distant learning tools.
  • To train RTC IT staff on computer and local network maintenance
  • To contribute to the content creators on a case by case basis within the limit of its budget and only if necessary:
  • consultancy and training on e-learning content format (audio, video, slides…) and toolset.
  • a local video technician with the required skill set to work in close cooperation with the teachers
  • recording equipment: hardware and software
  • To store the content on the server and to handle server maintenance and updates. In particular Connected School will manage content protection and access rights
  • To purchase and install the necessary equipment (router, cabling, server) to connect a subset of the RTC computers inside a Local Area Network.
  • To allow only Smart Mobile to be the sole Internet Service Provider of this project.
  • To provide users’ feedback to content creators for future content improvements

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CIST (Center for Information Systems Training) is a IT Vocational Training Center. The center enables, each year, a large number of disadvantaged students to get a qualified job.

  • CIST to train Khmer students to Computer Maintenance, Systems and Network Administration
  • Connected Schools to :
    a-select and hire CIST students whenever possible (time wise),  on the basis of competencies and willingness to work at the regional vocational training centers
    b-train RTC staff on system usage: Computer basics, Internet, E-learning content usage, videoconferencing tools and Local Area Network basic problems debug…

When Latelz was looking for a name and symbol for our new service in Cambodia, we felt that it was important to have one that simply reflects who we are as a company. We didn’t want it to suggest generic mobile phone services or features, nor did we want it to derive from a list of attributes gleaned from an impersonal market research report.

We wanted a name that was both inspirational and aspirational. We wanted a name that would connect on an emotional level with customers, partners, staff, and associates alike. One word that could tell the story of what we are trying to achieve — not only as a mobile service provider, but also as a proactive member of the Cambodian community. We wanted something intelligent and intuitive, like our mobile services. We wanted it to be perceptive and sharp, like our customers and staff. And we wanted something energetic and full of life, like the way our company is. In a word, we wanted something «smart».

We also wanted a vivid emblem. We wanted a logo that was stylish and bright, like our stores and customer service would be. We wanted something that expressed our commitment to intelligence, inspiration, and innovation. We wanted something that symbolized the connection between the people who would use our system and network. We wanted something simple, yet vibrant. The idea of three interlocked rings, in motion, seemed the ideal way to illustrate the intertwining of our services: intelligent, inspired, and innovative.

Choosing a color was never an issue. As a company committed to helping the planet earth and the people on it, we knew from the start that it had to be green — the color of life. Green is energy. Green is nature, growth, and renewal. In short — green is pretty much how people see the world today, and as a corporate citizen, we are no exception. We take «greener» approaches to the environment and how we live our lives. We waste less. We recycle more. We connect others to smarter technology today, so that our children can enjoy smarter lives tomorrow. Green is Smart.

Everyone wants to be smart, and everyone wants to make smart choices. That’s what our new mobile service is all about. Smart. Connected. Green. Welcome to the Smart life!

  • Name a key contact and participate to Project Management.
  • Connect Regional Vocational Training Centers to Wimax (512kbps) free of charge. Time wise this will happen according to Smart Mobile commercial deployment plan and start with Battambang and Siemreap.
  • Have the right to communicate openly to the public in regard to the project

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